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We Are Community

Providing green transport solutions that stay within your community and help to support our veterans.

Thistle E-Bikes is a not-for-profit established in August of 2019. We are very proud to say that our ethos is to give back to the community. And that’s what we do. We provide high-quality bikes sold at a competitive rate. By donating half of the profits we make a positive impact on the community with your sale.

Thistle E-Bikes is a not-for-profit retailer of electric transport solutions. Above all, our sole purpose is to improve our local community and support our Veterans.

The non-for-profit operates out of Inverclyde, providing sales, hire, leasing, and parts and servicing of electric bikes and associated, low carbon transportation.

Our profits help fund local community organisations within Inverclyde and our military veterans UK-wide.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases one of our bikes, they choose from one of our beneficiaries. We then send £50 to this beneficiary on their behalf. Then at the end of the year, Thistle E-Bikes use half of their profits to grow the business. After that, the other half is then donated to all their beneficiaries. Our director takes no salary from the company to ensure the community comes first.

Who are our beneficiaries?

We pride ourselves on working with grassroots charities that make real change in the community. We work with several national charities, Veteran charities, and Inverclyde charities so that you can always find a cause that resonates with you.